Curbing Services

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Residential Decorative Curbs

Special machines, aptly named concrete curbing machines, can lay the edging you desire wherever you want. If you want gorgeous rounded curves or sharp straight lines, professional landscapers can make your lawn look perfect in your vision. But the versatility of concrete lawn edging does not end with shapes and lines; landscapers can also style and stain your landscape curbing for the exact look that will work best with your landscape design.

Commercial Curb Repair

Whatever you are considering for your landscape design, make sure it includes landscape curbing. You need some lawn edging no matter what your design, and if you don't want this smooth accent to outline your lawn, it can be stained to disappear while still doing the hard work that concrete edging does.

Landscape Decorative Curbing

You've most likely seen landscape curbing but didn't know its industry name. Landscape curbing is exactly what it looks like: a curb around your landscape. Just like curbs around streets, landscape curbing is made of concrete and poured in forms that match the curved lines you would like around your landscaping. But don't think that the only kind of landscape curbing you can get is what you've already seen; there are several ideas that haven't even been discovered yet.

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Concrete Staining & Stamping

Your concrete lawn edging does not have to have the appearance of actual street curbing. Many lawns look perfect with that whitish-grey concrete look because the color complements the surrounding streets and nearby sidewalks. But this landscape curbing look is not for every yard and nor should it be. Concrete can be stained, the same as wood, to look nearly any color. Certainly, earthy tones like reds and browns work best to complement your landscaping, but if you want something more bold, then you can have it. No more do you have to rely on those black or green lawn edgings that never last. Beyond that, if you don't like the look of a typical landscape curb, you can have your landscape curbing styled into whatever form you like by way of concrete stamping. Concrete stamping is a technique to form concrete to look like bricks or stones or pavers, or even dolphins if that's what you want. Concrete stamping has become a popular way to turn boring sidewalks and patios into the look of real brick or stone, without all the cost. This same treatment can be applied to your landscape curbing, and in combination with concrete staining, your landscape curbs can look the exact way you want them to.